Commercial Window Cleaning

Professional and courteous service you can rely on! 

If you live or work in Hingham, Cohasset, or Hull you've probably seen me around town cleaning the storefront windows. People say I provide a professional service that's friendly, consistent and worth every penny they spend!  If you're looking for a first class service, I have well over 20 years of experience as a professional window cleaner.

  • What can customers expect when I come to clean their windows? 
I have no employees, so you can expect me, Mike Defiel, to show up on schedule,
clean shaven, and always smiling!  Expect your window sills and frames to be 
wiped clean, because great window cleaning involves more than just cleaning off 
the glass. 

  • Can windows be cleaned in the winter?
Yes! Window cleaning is even more important during the winter season. Road salt 
turns into an air borne powder from the vehicles driving over it. This dust settles 
on your windows just as any other type of dust does. You can rely on me to keep 
your windows clean even when it's freezing cold outside.  

  • Do you use a special solution in your water?
Yes, tests with leading window cleaning companies around the world, show that the 
detergent I use outperforms the old favorites being used by most window cleaners.
People notice that their windows look visibly cleaner and stay clean longer, when they switch to my service. 

  • How often do my windows need to be cleaned?
Almost all of my storefront customers, have their windows cleaned only once every 4 weeks because the solution I use helps the windows stay clean about that long.

  • What if it rains after you clean my windows?
Ordinary rain shouldn’t make your windows dirty, that's why I offer a No Spots if it Rains GuaranteeI'll touch up any freshly cleaned windows spotted by the rain at no charge.

My existing customers all agree that my service is professional, courteous and reliable! If you’re looking for a quick, zip-zap on to the next window job, my service really isn’t for you. If you want a window cleaning service you’ll be happy with, one you'll want to recommend to your neighbors and friends, then please give me a call. 

For a free estimate, you can reach me on my cell phone at 617- 827- 6433. I'll swing by, usually the same day you call! Thanks for your consideration. I'm looking forward to meeting you! 

Windows so clean ... you'll think they're open! 
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