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Answers to some frequently asked questions! 

  • Do you use a special solution in your water?
Yes, tests with leading window cleaning companies around the world, show that the detergent I use outperforms the old favorites being used by most cleaners. People notice that their windows look visibly cleaner and stay clean longer, when they switch to my service. 

  • Do you have employees?
I have no employees so you'll have the comfort of knowing that only the owner will be in your homeYou won’t have that uncomfortable feeling of trying to keep track of where two or three people are in your home at any given time. If you have any questions or concerns they'll be handled by me, the owner, on the spot. 

  • What towns do you work in?
Hingham, Cohasset, and Hull

  • I just had my house cleaned, will there be dirt tracked through my home?
No. It's my policy to always wear shoe covers when entering a customers home so I don't track in any dirt.

  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for my windows to be cleaned?
Typically, nothing needs to be done prior to my arrival. However, if you have a lot of items located on your window sills, removal of these items would be greatly appreciated.

  • Do I need to be home for my scheduled cleaning?
Not necessarily. Most of my existing clients go about their day once I get started. I'll leave an invoice and lock all the doors when I’m done. After you have inspected the work and are completely satisfied, you can just send the payment in the mail.  

  • What if it rains after you clean my windows?
​Ordinary rain shouldn’t make your windows dirty, that's why I offer a No Spots if it Rains Guarantee. I'll swing by and touch up any freshly cleaned windows spotted by the rain at no charge

  • What if it is raining on my appointment day?
A light precipitation won’t hurt me or your windows so I usually keep my appointments if the rain is light. However if the rain is heavy I will need to reschedule. Extreme wind, snow, hail and so forth, are also reasons for reschedules.

  • Is it safe to scrape paint, decal and other debris off windows with a razor blade scraper?
Scraping windows with a razor blade can be very risky business, because some of the newer types of glass are highly susceptible to scratching. This is why the glass industry has taken a new position in recent years - that scrapers should no longer be used to clean windows,

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