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Let me put the SPARKLE back in your view! 
Thanks for visiting my website today. My name is Mike Defiel and I'm the owner/operator of Clearview Window Washing Service here in Hingham

When I first entered this business, over 20 years ago, I had a very important 
decision to make. Do I offer an economy, quick, in-n-out window cleaning job, or 
do I offer a more thorough window cleaning? I believe I made the right decision to 
offer only the best possible service for my customers. As you're about to see, I do 
much more than the average window washer with a bucket and a squeegee!

Here's a description of how I clean residential windows every time:

1. Hand wash both sides of your screens with soap & water and towel dry. 
2. Wash windows inside and out with soft micro fiber scrub pad. 
3. Remove paint, bug marks, sap, etc. with a stainless steel razor. 
4. Scrub heavily soiled windows with a steel wool pad for truly amazing results.
5. I'll open your windows to sweep out the tracks, and wipe down the window sills. 
6. Dry and detail all four edges of every window pane so they sparkle right up to the 
    very edge of your window frames.
    No drips, no streaks and no smears!    
7. To finish up, I walk around your home to double check the windows and put all of your furniture back in place.

As you can see I pride myself on quality! All my work is satisfaction guaranteed and I'm insured for your total peace of mind. If you're looking for a quick, zip-zap on to the next window job, my service really isn't for you. If you want a window cleaning service you'll be happy with, one you'll want to recommend to your neighbors and friends, then please give me a call. 
For a free estimate, you can reach me on my cell phone at 617-827-6433. I'll swing by, usually the same day, to give you an exact price not a guesstimate over the phone! I'm looking forward to meeting you!
Best Wishes,
Mike Defiel
PO Box 713
Hingham, MA  02043

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Windows so clean ... you'll think they're open!